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Add a Splash of Color

Planting some colorful flowers at your facility is a great way to add a simple splash of color. Our team of specialists can aid in picking the right plants to match your building, as well as, determine plants for the lighting available.

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It All Begins with a Little Seed

Our trained professionals know the best times and procedures for properly seeding a commercial lawn. We will work with you to ensure the proper steps are taken to begin, and maintain, a truly impressive lawn at your property.

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Beautiful Properties Win!

Whether you're a large business or small business, the impact your building's appearance makes can have huge impacts on your clients. We understand this and strive to create a unique and delightful experience for each location.


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Tree, Shrub Trimming, & Pruning

Nothing enhances a landscape as much as healthy, magnificent trees and shrubbery.
Let our tree and shrub experts help.

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Landscape, Bed, & Floriculture Maintenance

With a properly maintanted landscape that is clean and manicured, your curb appeal will be a great first impression.

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Turf Treatment and Maintenance

With our treatment and maintenance methods, you will never have to worry about the quality and appearance of you turf again.

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Sidewalk Edging

Regular sidewalk edging during the growing season helps ensure a crisp, clean look for your property.

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Community Green Landscape Group

Providing all of the services you need!

We pride ourselves on providing quality service at value pricing.
Our services include mowing, bush trimming, mulching, leaf removal, lawn fertilization, and snow removal to name just a few. We service commercial properties including banks, medical buildings, shopping centers, and industrial buildings as well as a wide variety of residential properties including apartment complexes, condominium homeowner associations, and individual homes. Read More

Seasonal Tips

  • Apply a broadleaf weed control to the lawn areas.
  • Keep landscape beds free of weeds by pulling and/or using a chemical weed control product.
  • Begin mowing grass. Do not cut off more than 1/3 of the grass blade each cut. Maintain grass height in the 3-4” range.